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Fr. Jones Homilies

  • Yr C, 5th Sunday Ord. Time: What is the essence of Christianity? What is the Gospel message, and how does believing it save us?

    What Jesus’ death, burial, Resurrection, and Ascension accomplished with respect to God and with respect to man, and why believing this is able to save us

  • YrC / 4th Sunday Ord. Time – “No Prophet is Acceptable in His Own Country”: The Need to Come to Know Jesus more Deeply

    The reason those of Jesus’ own home village rejected him is similar to why our contemporary culture has rejected him. Christians can easily do the same thing, if not rejecting him outright, at least failing to come to know him deeply.

  • YrC, 2nd Sunday Ord. Time – The Wedding at Cana: Not just a Miracle, but a Sign… of Jesus’ Identity and Work, and of Our Need for that Work

    Jesus changing of water into wine at Cana was not only a miracle; it was also a sign which revealed who He was and what He came to do for us, as well as our need for what he came to do.

  • YrC, Baptism of the Lord (1st Sund. Ord. Time) – Jesus’ Baptism the Revelation and Anticipation of Our Baptism and Present Life

    What Jesus’ Baptism means for him and what it means for us: Jesus’ Baptism reveals and anticipates His death and Resurrection, foreshadowing what He has given us already in our Baptism. He has already done for us the greatest thing He could possibly do for us.

  • Yr C, 14th Sunday of Advent – “Blessed is she who believed that what was spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

    Why Mary is blessed in her believing and by her believing: what faith is and how it joins us to God and so makes us “blessed” – i.e., truly happy.

  • Yr B, 20th Sun: "Unless you eat my body and drink my blood, you have no life in you."

    What do we receive in the Eucharist? Why is it so important?

  • Yr B, 19th Sun: "The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world."

    What is a sacrifice? What was God's purpose for it? How is it connected to us?

  • Yr B, 16th Sun: "They were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things."

    Why and How Much We Need Jesus' Teaching.

  • Yr B, 15th Sun: "Jesus summoned the 12, and began to send them out."

    When we encounter the teaching of the Church, we really encounter God.

  • Yr B, 13th Sund: Raising of Daughter of Jairus & HHS Mandate

    God Wants to Manifest his Love to the World Through the Body of Christ; How the HHS Mandate Threatens This

  • Yr B, 11th Sunday: Parables of the Farmer and the Mustard Seed

    "Power from on High": The Power of the Father's Love for His Children

  • Yr B, Corpus Christi: Partaking of Christ the Sacrificial Victim

    What it Means that the Eucharist is Sacrificial Food

  • Pentecost 2012: "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit."

    "Power from on High": The Power of the Father's Love for His Children

  • Yr B, 6th Sund. Easter: "I have told you this that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete."

    The Inexpressible Joy of Being Loved by the Heavenly Father

  • Yr B, 5th Sund. Easter: I am the vine, you are the branches. Abide in me.

    Why and How to Abide in Jesus

  • Yr B, 2nd Sund. Easter: "Peace be with you."

    The Meaning of the Peace Jesus Gives

  • Easter Sunday Morning

    New Powers of Jesus' Risen Humanity the Basis of Our New Powers

  • Yr B, 6th Sund. Lent: Palm Sunday The Triumphal Entry

    Jesus openly manifests his identity

  • Yr B, 5th Sund. Lent: Whoever would save his life will lose it.

    How you can save your life by losing it, and lose it by trying to save it

  • Yr B, 4th Sund. Lent: For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

    What To Do When Our Heart Condemns Us

  • Yr B, 3rd Sund. Lent: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    God is looking for worship "in reverence and awe" (Heb 12:28).

  • Yr B, 3rd Sund. Lent: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    Cleansing of the Temple as Sign of the Worship in the New Temple in Jesus' Body

  • Yr B, 2nd Sund. Lent: Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac - Prototype of OT Sacrifice

    We offer and are offered in Jesus' perfect sacrificial gift to the Father.

  • Yr B, 7th Sund: The Son of Man has authority on earth...

    Why does the Catholic Church teach that contraception is wrong?

  • 6th Sund. Ord. Time: FDo all for the glory of God.

    The recent U.S. Dept. of H.H.S. mandate, and our response.

  • 5th Sund. Ord. Time: For this purpose I have come.

    The value of the Gospel.

  • 4th Sund. Ord. Time: He taught them as one who had authority.

    How Jesus' teaching leads us into communion with God.

  • Christmas Day: What is the alternative to Christ?

    The Choice for Modern Men and Women: Christ or Nothing.

  • 4th Sun. Advent: The Annunciation. Let it be done to me according to your word.

    Mary's Acceptance: the Model for Our Response to God.

  • 3rd Sun. Advent: Rejoice in the Lord always; the Lord is near.

    What It Means for God to be "Near" to Us, and Us to God.

  • 2nd Sun. Advent: Prepare the Way of the Lord!

    Worship as a Soul-Strengthening Preparation for the Vision of God

  • 1st Sun. Advent: Stay Awake! The New English Translation of the Mass

    Why are we adopting a new translation of the Mass?

  • 33rd Sun. Ord. Time: The Parable of the Talents

    God attaches a grace to every moment and event of life, so that every moment is a potential doorway to God.

  • Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration

    Commentary on Ps 16: God the Sole Good of His People

  • 30th Sun. Ord. Time: The Two Great Commandments

    Adoration and Love of God the Foundation of Love of Neighbor

  • 28th Sun. Ord. Time: "I have learned the secret of facing… abundance and want."

    The Secret of St. Paul's Blessed Contentment

  • 27th Sun. Ord. Time: "Have no anxiety about anything."

    Varieties of Anxiety and their Scriptural Remedies

  • 26th Sun. Ord. Time: Where Do We Stand Before God?

    Humility: the Virtue that Defines the True Christian

  • 24rth Sun. Ord. Time: "How often must I forgive my brother?"

    Should there be limits to forgiveness? How do I move from anger to forgiveness?

  • 23rd Sun. Ord. Time: "If your brother sins against you, go to him..."

    Jesus' Teaching on Fraternal Correction: How to Correct a Fellow Christian

  • 19th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus' Prayer and Walking on the Water

    Peter's Walking on the Water a Figure of our Participation in the Divine Life

  • 18th Sun. Ord. Time: The Miracle of the Loaves

    2 Perspectives on the Miracle: Feeding the Crowds with Jesus and Being Fed by Jesus.

  • 15th Sun. Ord. Time: The Power of God's Word

    God's word communicates to us both his message and his life.

  • Corpus Christi 2011: The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.

    What do these words of Jesus mean? Can they really be true?

  • Pentecost 2011: What the Holy Spirit Does for Us

    We cannot live the life of Jesus unless the Holy Spirit brings us communion with Jesus.

  • 5th Sun. Easter: Do not let your hearts be troubled.

    Our Security: the "Place" Jesus has Prepared for Us in the Father.

  • 4th Sun. Easter: How to Distinguish the Voice of the Good Shepherd from that of the Thief

    A true shepherd speaks only the words of Christ.

  • 3rd Sun. Easter: Emmaus - a New Interior Recognition of Jesus in the Scriptures

    Recognizing Jesus present in the Scriptures prepares our hearts to recognize Him in the Breaking of the Bread.

  • 2nd Sun. Easter: The Resurrection of Jesus means for every Christian a new past, a new present, and a new future.

    Christ can change even our past, by redeeming it.

  • Easter 2011: Christ's Resurrection the Source of Our Life

    The Purpose of Christ's Resurrection: to Create a Whole Race of New Creatures

  • 2nd Sun. Lent: the Transfiguration, where Jesus shows what He earlier told

    Don't run from the Cross, and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

  • 5th Sun. Lent: The New Principle of Life in Christ Jesus

    Living "in the Flesh" vs. Living "in the Spirit"

  • 4th Sun. Lent: the Healing of the Man Born Blind

    Jesus' Miracles also Signs; the Greatness of the Gift of Faith

  • 8th Sun. Ord. Time: Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

    Putting Christ First Amid the Concerns of Daily Life.

  • 7th Sun. Ord. Time: No Retaliation, Love of Enemies

    "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

  • 6th Sun. Ord. Time. The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus Reveals the True Meaning of the Commandments

    What "You Shall Not Kill" Really Means, & How to Repair the Wrong We've Done to Another

  • 5th Sun. Ord. Time: "You are the light of the world."

    As salt and light, Christians are to be distinct in the world.

  • 4th Sun. Ord. Time: The Beatitudes chart our return to God.

    "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

  • 2nd Sun. Ord. Time: "to you who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be holy"

    What Baptismal Consecration Does to Change Us and Oblige Us

  • Feast of the Holy Family: the Value of Ordinary Things Done with Extraordinary Love

    We have enormous power over those we are close to, for good or for evil

  • Christmas 2010: What Christ's Coming in Humility Tells Us of God

    How God's coming into our lowliness gives us hope

  • 4th Sunday of Advent: The Faith of Joseph, the Unbelief of Ahaz

    To receive Jesus at Christmas, we need the same dispositions with which St. Joseph received him.

  • 3rd Sunday of Advent: Rejoice, the Lord is near!

    A Call to Hope for our Ultimate Fulfillment in God

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist's Proclamation of a Coming Judge

    It is today, in our present response to God, that our future destiny is at stake.

  • "Watch! You do not know on which day your Lord will come."

    What it means to "stay awake" awaiting Christ's coming

  • The Solemnity of Christ the King

    To receive Christ's kingship is to be voluntarily conquered by love

  • 33rd Sun. Ord. Time: Signs of the End

    True security must be a security that is eternal.

  • 30th Sun. Ord. Time: Pharisee and Tax Collector Praying in the Temple

    What dispositions makes us acceptable in God's eyes?

  • 29th Sun. Ord. Time: Pray always without becoming weary

    Faith is opening our eyes to God, our loving Father.

  • Jesus' Ascension: From Hades to Heaven, Leading a Host of Captives

    Christ has ascended into heaven; let our hearts ascend with Him

  • 28th Sun. Ord. Time: Ten Lepers Healed, One Made Well

    Thanksgiving recognizes that every true gift is really a double gift.

  • 27th Sun. Ord. Time: Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, and the Parable of the Servant Coming in from the Field

    Jesus' Call to Faith and to Total Dedication

  • 26th Sun. Ord. Time: The Rich Man and Lazarus

    Lazarus is still lying in need at your doorstep.

  • 25th Sun. Ord. Time: Parable of the Dishonest Steward

    Use the resources of this world to make friends for eternity.

  • 24th Sun. Ord. Time: 3 Parables - God Seeking Out and Receiving Sinners

    Jesus is the revelation of God's startling mercy.

  • 23rd Sun. Ord. Time: The Cost of Discipleship

    The Disciple: One for Whom Jesus' Lordship is Complete

  • 22nd Sun. Ord Time: "The one who humbles himself will be exalted."

    The Meaning of Humility, and Why God Loves It

  • 17th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray

    Jesus draws us into His own praying.

  • 16th Sun. Ord. Time: Martha & Mary: the Better Portion

    What Is the "Better Portion" and How to Choose It

  • 14th Sun. Ord. Time: What counts is a new creation

    Good vs. Bad Infection in the Spiritual Life

  • Corpus Christi: Miracle of the Loaves - Not only a Miracle, But a Sign

    Understanding Jesus' intention in his signs opens us to receive the grace in them

  • Trinity Sunday: God is Love

    From Love Our Origin, for Love Our End

  • Pentecost: The Giving of the New Law, the Grace of the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit writes the Law of God upon our hearts

  • 4th Sun. Easter: Hearing the True Voice of the Good Shepherd

    To Hear Jesus' Voice & Call is to Receive a Purpose & Vocation

  • 3rd Sunday Easter: Peter's Profession of Love for Jesus

    St. Peter learns to see, love, and suffer for Jesus

  • 2nd Sunday Easter: Mercy Sunday - Mercy Needed and Mercy Given

    Jesus' Resurrection the Sign of the Father's Mercy

  • Easter: Belief in Jesus' Resurrection is the Mark of Christian Faith

    What Jesus' Resurrection Means for Christians

  • Palm Sunday: Divine beauty takes our ugliness, that we might take his beauty

    2 Transfigurations, Tabor & Gethsemane: one to glory, another to humiliation

  • 5th Sun. Lent: Raising of Lazarus: Why Does Jesus Raise Him?

    Jesus raises Lazarus for you: to bring your faith to life, and so make you live

  • 4th Sun. Lent: Man Born Blind - Salvation and Judgment Comes in Jesus

    The Interdependence of Knowledge of God / Knowledge of Self

  • 3rd Sun. Lent: Woman at the Well: If You Only Knew the Gift of God

    Jesus Focuses and Stretches our Faith and Desire

  • 2nd Sun. Lent: Jesus' Transfiguration Our Hope

    Jesus' Prayer and Our Prayer

  • 1st Sun. Lent (Yr A): Adam's Failure / Christ's Victory over Temptation

    Adam's Sin and Christ's Victory a Prototype for Ours

  • 5th Sun. Ord. Time: Isaiah and Peter Encounter the Holy God

    The Holiness of God and How Two Men Respond to It

  • 4th Sun. Ord. Time: St. Paul on Love (1 Cor 13)

    What is Christian love to look like?

  • 3rd Sun. Ord. Time: Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

    How can we find spiritual joy?

  • 2nd Sun. Ord. Time: Wedding at Cana; Earthquake in Haiti

    What the Scripture, and Cana, Tell Us About This Disaster

  • Feast of the Holy Family: 5 Ways to Keep the Family Holy

    Five Ways the Holy Family Models Holiness in Family Life

  • Christmas 2009: God's Gift Exchange

    Make Room for Christ!

  • 3rd Sun. Advent: Rejoice in the Lord Always

    Christian Joy a Decision, Rooted in Faith and Hope

  • 2nd Sun. Advent: God's Work in You

    God's Ultimate Purpose: Something in us, not Outside of us

  • 1st Sun. Advent: The Just One Who Will Establish Justice

    Our Preparation: Be Vigilant and Pray

  • 33rd Sun. Ord. Time: The Coming of the Son of Man

    God's Purpose for us in the Present Age of Salvation History

  • All Saints: The Beatitudes - Way That Leads Straight to Heaven

    The heavenly chorus proclaims that Jesus' promises are true.

  • 30th Sun. Ord. Time: Blind Bartimaeus a Model of Faith

    Bartimaeus' Faith Expressed in Prayer and Action

  • 26th Sun. Ord. Time: If your hand causes you to sin...

    Any suffering on earth is preferable to sin and eternal suffering.

  • 25th Sun. Ord. Time: Aspire to true greatness

    True Greatness in Christ: to Become like a Child and a Servant

  • 24th Sun. Ord. Time: The necessity of the Cross

    Don't run from the Cross!

  • 23rd Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus Heals a Deaf Mute

    God chose the poor to be rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom.

  • 22nd Sun. Ord. Time: What is Purity? Why is it Important?

    Purity: a Gift Received from God, our Offering back to God

  • 21st Sun. Ord. Time: Marriage - a Great Sacrament, Christ and the Church

    Marriage and the Church's Union with Christ

  • 19th Sun. Ord. Time: Jn 6:41-51 "Do not murmur among yourselves"

    Learning from the Father the Cure for Murmuring

  • 12th Sun Ord. Time: Jesus Calms the Storm

    To recognize Jesus is with us, we must wake up our faith.

  • Corpus Christi: The Divinity Becomes the Milk of Infants

    God gives Himself to us in a manner that is receivable by us.

  • Trinity Sunday: An Invitation to Stop, to Marvel, to Love

    The Wonder that God Has Revealed Himself and Invited Us into Relationship

  • Pentecost Day: The Holy Spirit Completes the Work of Jesus

    The Holy Spirit pours into our hearts all that Jesus has done.

  • 5th Sunday of Easter: Abide in me, and you will bear fruit.

    Cling to Christ, and so bear the good, enduring fruit of charity.

  • 4th Sunday of Easter: Jesus the Good Shepherd

    Why We Need Docility before Jesus the Good Shepherd.

  • 3rd Sunday of Easter: Jesus demonstrates his Resurrection and explains its meaning

    "He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures."

  • 2nd Sunday of Easter: Mercy Sunday

    To the disciples, Jesus' resurrection seemed too good to be true.

  • Easter Sunday: The Threefold Birth of the Son of God

    God will transform our humanity into the pattern of Jesus' glorious new humanity.

  • Palm Sunday: Jesus openly comes as king, but how mysterious his rule!

    Jesus' kingly weapon is love, his capitol, the human heart.

  • 4th Sun. Lent (Yr A): Healing of the Man Born Blind a figure of Our Coming to Faith

    As the eye beholds physical light, so faith beholds the divine light.

  • 3rd Sun. Lent (Yr A): Woman at the Well - Jesus thirsts to quench our thirst

    Drink from the One who alone can quench our deepest thirst.

  • 2nd Sun. Lent: the Transfiguration - don't be scandalized by the Cross!

    The Father's Voice a Strength Before the Scandal of the Cross.

  • 1st Sun. Lent: Jesus' Temptation & First Preaching - Reversing the Fall Through Trust and Obedience

    Jesus' Trusting Obedience opens to us Repentance and Faith

  • 7th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus' Healing of the Paralytic a Sign of our Salvation

    The Divine Logic of the Miracle Significant for us still Today

  • 6th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus Heals a Leper - Compassion Meets Confession

    The Pure One Imparting His Own Purity

  • 5th Sun. Ord. Time: Healings in Capernaum - a Help to Us?

    What can we expect of Jesus today?

  • 4th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus' Teaching with Authority in the Synagogue at Capernaum

    Amazement and Hostility at Jesus' Teaching, Then and Now

  • Conversion of St. Paul: Jesus is Lord and Alive in Christians

    God's Revelation to Saul: I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

  • 2nd Sun. Ord. Time: John 1:35-42 - 2 Ways God Calls Us

    God calls us from the outside and from the inside.

  • Baptism of the Lord: A Means of Divine Exchange

    Jesus makes baptism a means of exchange with us.

  • Epiphany: Both a Marvel and a Warning

    Whom do we most resemble: the magi or the scholars of the law?

  • Feast of the Holy Family

    Building Family Life on God

  • Christmas Day

    God becomes man on earth, that man might be divine in Heaven.

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist Announcing Jesus

    Prepare the way of the Lord - in your heart!

  • 1st Sunday of Advent: The Parable of the Master's Return

    A Message from the Other Side of Death?

  • 33rd Sun. Ord. Time: The Parable of the Talents

    Making Use of the Means of Grace and Growth that God Gives

  • Dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran

    You are the Temple of the Living God!

  • All Souls Day

    Jesus both warns and consoles us concerning death

  • 30th Sun. Ord. Time: The Greatest Commandment, with Card. Maida Letter

    The Two Greatest and Inseparable Commandments

  • 29th Sun. Ord. Time: Render to Caesar, Render to God

    Citizens of Heaven, Living as Citizens on Earth

  • 28th Sun. Ord. Time: The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

    How God Invites Us: An Open Way, and More Hidden Ways

  • 27th Sun. Ord. Time: The Parable of the Vineyard

    The Lord Seeks Fruit from Us: Application to Fifth Commandment and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  • 26th Sun. Ord. Time: The Parable of the Two Sons

    Practice vs. Mere Profession: Application to Sixth Commandment

  • Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

    How Can the Cross be Triumphant for Jesus and for Us?

  • 23rd Sun. Ord Time: "If your brother sins against you..."

    Why we should desire correction

  • 22nd Sun. Ord Time: The Son of Man Must Suffer

    True life comes by "losing my life" in Christ.

  • 21st Sun. Ord Time: Peter's Confession

    Jesus' True Identity and its Implications for us

  • 15th Sun. Ord Time: Parable of the Sower

    The Power of God's Word, Received in the Soul

  • 14th Sun. Ord Time: Hidden from the Wise, Revealed to the Babes

    God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

  • 12th Sun. Ord Time: Don't Be Afraid!

    Jesus' Prescription for Fear

  • 12th Sun. Ord Time: Don't Be Afraid!

    Jesus' Prescription for Fear

  • 11th Sun. Ord Time: The Call of the 12 Apostles

    In calling and sending the Apostles, Jesus established the Church.

  • 9th Sun. Ord Time: Doing the Will of the Heavenly Father

    Will you let Him turn your life upside-down?

  • Feast of the Visitiation

    Entrustment to Our Lady

  • Corpus Christi: The Body and Blood of Christ

    Christ, truly present in His flesh and blood, unites us to God and one another.

  • Pentecost / First Mass of Fr. Lee Acervo

    The Holy Spirit: Gift of God, Inserting us into the Divine Giving

  • Pentecost Vigil: The Law Written on our Hearts

    The Newness of the New Covenant: the Life of Grace

  • The Ascension:

    The Meaning of Jesus' Ascension: for Him and for Us.

  • 5th Sun. Easter: Do not let your hearts be troubled.

    Why Jesus says, "Do not be afraid; believe in Me."

  • 4th Sun. Easter: Jesus the Good Shepherd

    Jesus the one shepherd speaks to His shepherds and flock.

  • 3rd Sun. Easter: The Road to Emmaus

    We had hoped that he would be the one...

  • Easter Sunday

    Jesus' Resurrection the Sign that God has come in search of you

  • Good Friday (2007)

    Jesus' Death: an Atonement, a Healing, for You

  • 4th Sun. Lent: The Healing of the Man Blind from Birth

    Faith as a New Kind of Seeing, in the Light of Christ

  • 3rd Tues. of Lent: The Unforgiving Steward

    A Key to Forgiveness: Knowing How Much We've Been Forgiven

  • 4th Sun. Ord. Time: The Beatitudes

    The Way to True Happiness

  • 2nd Sun. Ord. Time: John the Baptist Speaks of Jesus

    Jesus: Lamb of God & He Who Baptizes with the Holy Spirit

  • Psalm 139: God's Searching Knowledge of Us

    God's Knowledge of Us: Comfort and Way to Self-Knowledge.

  • The Baptism of the Lord

    Jesus' Baptism foreshadows the Paschal Mystery and fills Christian Baptism with power.

  • Epiphany: The Magi Follow the Star and Find Jesus

    Understanding God's Manifestation, Believing, and Being Converted

  • Christmas Day: In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word Became Flesh

    The Journey of the Son of God: An Exchange of Gifts

  • 4th Sun. Advent: Matthew's Account of the Birth of Jesus

    The Names Jesus (The Lord Saves) and Emmanuel (God with Us)

  • 2nd Sun. Advent: The Preaching of John the Baptist

    Jesus Christ Our Hope, Now and Forever

  • Solemnity of Christ the King

    Who is Jesus Christ? What Does this Mean for Me?

  • 32nd Sun. Ord. Time: On the Resurrection of the Dead

    To believe great things of God, and hope great things from Him

  • 31st Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus' Visitation to Zacchaeus

    Jesus says to Zacchaeus & us: "I must stay in your house today."

  • 29th Sun. Ord. Time: The Unjust Judge

    When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?

  • 28th Sun. Ord. Time: The Ten Lepers

    Gratitude leads us from the gift to the Giver - the greatest gift.

  • 27th Week Ord. Time, Saturday: 'Blessed the Womb that Bore You'

    Our happiness will be found in obedience to God.

  • Happiness from God's Eternal Perspective

    Happiness from God's Eternal Perspective

  • 25th Sun. Ord. Time: The Dishonest Steward

    Spending a Trifle to Gain a Fortune

  • Feast of St. Matthew: Jesus' Call of Matthew

    The Kindness and Severity of Jesus

  • 23rd Sunday of Ord. Time: Discipleship: Jesus' Call & Our Response

    The Lordship of Christ among His Disciples

  • 4th Sunday of Easter: Jesus, the Good Shepherd

    Jesus the Good Shepherd Knows and Speaks to His Own

  • 2nd Week of Easter, Monday: Jesus & Nicodemus

    The Life of Jesus Risen in Us

  • 2nd Sunday of Easter: Mercy Sunday

    Jesus Offers the Disciples & Us His Mercy

  • Easter Sunday: Jesus' Resurrection the Foundation of our Faith

    What it means for us that Jesus has been raised from the dead

  • Good Friday: "I Thirst"

    I Thirst for You (given Good Friday 2006)

  • Tuesday of Holy Week: Judas' Sin the Recapitulation of Adam's

    Judas' Sin Crystallizes the Sin of Adam and All Sin

  • 6th Sunday of Lent: Palm Sunday

    Jesus Confronts the Leaders of Israel ? and Each of Us.

  • 5th Week of Lent, Saturday: Caiphus' Prophecy

    The Expediency of Caiphus vs. the Prudence of God. Recorded April 8, 2006.

  • 5th Sunday of Lent: The Woman Caught in Adultery

    The Church: Sinners Forgiven, and Called to Live a Heavenly Life

  • 4th Sunday of Lent: The Parable of the Prodigal Son

    The Younger Son, the Older Son, & the Father's "Prodigal" Mercy

  • 3rd Sunday of Lent: Repentance & the Parable of the Fig Tree

    God looks for repentance, that He may come to dwell in us.

  • 2nd Sunday Lent: The Transfiguration

    The divine life that transfigures Jesus' human body comes also to live in us

  • 1st Sunday Lent: The Temptation in the Desert

    The Existence of the Devil and Our Combat Against Him

  • 7th Sunday Ord. Time: Love of Enemies

    The love of enemies makes us true children of the heavenly Father

  • 2nd Sun. Lent: The Transfiguration

    Jesus' Visible Humanity Brings Us to the Invisible God

  • 6th Sunday Ord. Time: The Kingdom Within / Trust in Lord

    The True Riches of the Kingdom of God within Us

  • 5th Sunday Ord. Time: Doctrine - Obstacle or Doorway?

    How Faith in the Doctrine of Christ leads us to Christ Himself

  • 3rd Sunday Ord. Time: You are the Body of Christ

    Complementarity Within the Body of Christ

  • 2nd Sunday Ord. Time: Wedding at Cana

     The Wedding of Cana as a Sign in the Life of Our Lord

  • 28th Sun. Ord. Time: The Problem with Riches

    The Heavenly Investment Principle

  • 27th Sun. Ord. Time: And the two shall become one flesh.

    Marriage a Preparation for Heaven.

  • 24th Sun. Ord. Time: Jesus, the Messiah who must suffer

    You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.

  • 16th Sun Ord. Time: He began to teach them many things

    Christ's compassion and teaching reveals our need for his teaching.

  • 15th Sun Ord. Time: First Sending of the Apostles

    Christ's Message Not Separated from Message of His Body

  • 13th Sun Ord. Time: Healing of Woman with Hemorrhage

    The Movement Toward Personal and Saving Faith.

  • Yr B, 5th Sund. Lent: Jesus' Hour of Glory

    Jesus' obedience reverses the disobedience of Adam, and draws us into His own obedience.

  • 4th Sun. Lent: For God so loved the world

    Draw near to Christ, the remedy for our healing.

  • 3rd Sunday of Advent (2005): John the Baptist's Testimony to Jesus

    Why must John point to a light already present before their eyes?

  • 34th Sun. Ord. Time: Feast of Christ the King

    He will come to judge the living and the dead

  • 22nd Sun. Ord Time (2005): Do not be conformed to this world

    Conformed to Christ rather than to this World